Pelican-Hardigg Classic-V-Series-3U Double End Rackmount Case

Pelican-Hardigg Classic-V-Series-3U Double End Rackmount Case

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Gearing up for an event? Your sound booth doesn't have to look like a yard sale, roll like a pro with Pelican's V-Series Rack Mount Cases. These lightweight, compact, and double ended cases offer extra insurance with longer shock mounts and a larger sway space between the rack and shell. When you need to be cost-conscious but can't sacrifice performance, Classic-V Rackmount Cases are the answer.

Exterior Dimensions:

45.80" x 27.00" x 12.30"

Rack Dimensions:

33.00" x 19.00" x 5.25"


  • Fixed square hole frame for universal equipment fit
  • 33" Rack Depth
  • 4 removable heavy duty bottom casters
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Lid Hangers for lid storage while in use
  • Anti-reflective black hardware
  • Coupling catches for secure stacking
  • Sealed gasket and PRV keeps container watertight and eliminates over pressurization
  • Choice of SAE 10-32 or Metric M6 clip nuts for even more flexibility in mounting equipment
  • REACH and RoHs compliant
  • CLASSIC V-SERIES 3U, 2410-02/35/05
  • Engineered to provide secure transport for rack mountable electronics
  • Weight ranges for 3U = 80-100 lbs. per case

    • Audio/Video recording and processing systems
    • Satellite communication systems
    • Radio communication systems
    • Seismic data recording instrumentation
    • Climate data collection
    Minor changes in product such as handle and rivet position vary by region.