Pelican 1030 Micro Case

Pelican 1030 Micro Case

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Pelican 1030 Micro Case

The Pelican 1030 micro case is the case you have been looking for. Whether you are having a day at the beach, taking the boat on the lake, or climbing the rocky mountains you can be confident that the valuables you are protecting will be safe.

Interior: 6 3/8"L x 2 5/8"W x 2"D
Exterior: 7 1/2"L x 3 7/8"W x 2 7/16"D
Lid Depth: 0.69"
Bottom Depth: 1.25"
Total Depth: 1.94"
Weight (w/o foam): 0.6 lbs
Buoyancy Max: 0.99 lbs

NOT recommended for Swimming or Submerging


Water Resistant, Crush Proof and Dust Proof
Easy open latch
Rubber liner for extra protection
Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
Stainless steel hardware

Available Colours:

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